Joe Biden ** Putin ** Kamala Harris ** Central America **

The US (Joe Biden) is soooo stupid
=> in that meeeting with Putin they
listed every infrastructure system that
could be targeted by hackers
=> giving away information that
should be secret.!
I'm sure Donald Trump would
never do that.!
Stupid Stupid Stupid.!!!

Russia (Putin) cannot be trusted.!
=> Telling them something is
"Off Limits" is like telling a
Rattle Snake that White Rats
are off limits => you can only
eat the grey rats.!
Biden and his advisors are
complete idiots if they think
telling Putin something
is "Off Limits" is going to stop him.!

It's like telling a 4 year old
where you hide the cookie jar
and then telling him that
it's off limits.!

Biden: Here Mr. Putin is a list
of our most vulnerable
infrastructure systems that could
shut the whole country down if
hacked => tell your hackers these
are "Off Limits" .!
Then Biden says "I told him these
were Off Limits => We will see
what happens.!"
Putin is laughing at our stupidity.!

Russia probably has very few systems
that could be hacked because they are
not run by computers.!

After I wrote the above statements
Hannity called this list an instruction
book on how to destroy America.!
I'm glad someone else feels the
same way I do.!

Kamala Harris is just as dumb
thinking that telling the people
in Central America not to
come to our southern border
is going to stop them from coming.!
Kamala Harris and
Joe Bisen are living
in a dream world.!
=> Not the Real World.!

Whoever is advising these two idiots
are just as dumb as they are.!